Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally met up with baby today, miss him for 13 days? Hahah:P Finally he's back but there are still some things to settle and then tadah, he will be back by my side...hee^^

Met early in the morning at 8 after his midnight shift...hahah we must be crazy:P He was damn sleepy and tired but i dragged him all the way to Paya Lebar to settle his job things first, all thanks to me, the difficult part was settled already, and he said this to me - 'You are my lucky ball ball' =.= Hahahah, a ball? Anyway was happy for him cos his current job has no prospects at all, so its time to get a better one=) Train to cityhall cos its time for me to fill his and mine stomach...He promised to treat me good food...hee^^ But i chose a bad choice, went to Thai Express, the curry we ordered taste sooo sweet with lots of coconut milk in it...After that i went to get my macaroons....first time trying:P Its okay lah, maybe the more ex one that cost $2.50 is nicer????hahha:P Nahhh too ex. Baby wanted to get his Iphone today, but singtel no stock, so went M1, but some problems made us forget the idea of buying, in the end he got N97, which i think will suit him more=) Hope he is happy with it=)

Finished with my final exams and if everything goes right, i would have graduated my course, and i have a diploma cert...hahah seems like time passes so fast...what to do nxt? Lazy to work i want to play play play!! wahahahahha:P Anyway if nth goes wrong i will be going on a holiday on 19,20,21,22&23...excited!! I seriously need a break away from this hectic country sia, and i tink everyone is feeling the same, everyone want a break! But all these need $$$...hahahah like always, sigh.....$$$$ really ruin my mood sia! =(
Time to sleep...Night! =)

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is a very longggg time since i last blog, kinda lazy now :P

Anyway i am gonna end my first sem after my last paper on the 19, so i am so looking forward to 19, then i will be able to relax..haha :P 3 papers down left with business management, hope i am able to get a pass for all my papers, i am not worried about ITT cos i am super duper confident i can get an A wahahaha =) Feeling more stressed then the other exams i have taken cos this one more expensive and there are no other test i can depend on to pull my grades up except for one assignment =( Please just let me pass!!

Its the YOG period now, so gonna work when i can for money, i am in need of money like everytime..hahah:P Always having so many things i wanna do and buy in my mind leh..sigh =( And i wanna go so many holidays, with my faamily, my girlfriends and my darling boy =D

And the places i wanna go most is Paris, Maldives and Bali
These places are so beautiful and gonna add more to my list...hehe:P

BUT $$$$ is needed first, cos it will cost a bomb to visit such palces =(((


Eiffel Tower
Menan promised to bring me there for our honeymoon 6 years time...hehe
Make sure he bring me or i will chop chop him...:P

Still not feeling well, headaches and migraines for 4 days straight, cnt concentrate on anything, no appetite and cnt finish my food no matter how i force myself, though my flu, sore throat and cough is better, i still feel so tired and moody. I hate being sick and i hate DOCTORS n MEDICINES!!! They make me more sick...hahah:P I want to get well soon, where is my specialist?? I see him and take his medicine, hahha know who? Secret..hehe:P


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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Not even one message replied and not even one message to tell me you have reached singapore...No matter what i do i am just not fucking understanding at all in your heart! Be angry all you want i had enough of your fucking temper!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

First week of school has passed, kinda fast =)
Luckily for now school is ok for me, the subjects are ok as well although some are like a stranger to me =P
I have Ruby's company so i dun feel lonely, Jean is also in the same class as us so we sit together always. But walking to school everyday under the hot sun is not ok! It made me sick! But l am recovering, it sucks when you are feeling sick on the first day of school =( Cos class will never be fun to you=(( Hope everyone will take care of their health=))
Lecturers are ok as well, all of them are quite funny(as in they joke most of the time) and all of them are guys....hahahah=P So it makes our class interesting =)
But........only the first week and we already have four projects on our hand onon every subject, one grp work and 3 solo...crap..hahah:P Hope i am able to cope and i will do my best =) Jiayou!! hahhaha=D
Menan in in malaysia now because something happened so he will only be back on monday=((

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

HA'08 Graduated!
We have finally graduated and I am proud of it =)
Had great fun with my classmates, went to our usual place, vivo to lepak after our graduation ceremony. Really miss times like this, sitting down in one big group in our uniforms and talk like nobody's business...hahah:P And everyone is asking for another chalet like sooooonn=P
Took a train back together at 9 and home sweet home.
Waited for dear to call at 1am, and chatted till 2 :P And dear say he is going to bring me to s'pore flyer!!! YayYay!! =D Cos he only have to pay $5 and can bring 5 more person, so he ask me to bring tofus along and he will pay the rest...hee:) Actually plan to do it on our 6th month but my class ends at 6.30 in the evening so we postponed it to the weekends, maybe sunday??Hahah so excited leh =P

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gonna start school in about one and a half weeks time, fast man...So many things to prepare, how how how???Hahah, just leave it for later=P Anyway attended graduation today for my Karcher award. Me and Maan thought we just got a letter from them..hahah crap, but got a shock when i opened the letter. It wrote "Please accept this cheque of $1000 for your achievements". Wahahahahah =D So now i dun have to worry about the amount that is depleting from my account day by day...Maybe gonna use just a little and save the rest, cos i have been splurging like nobody's business:P Need to save money for rainy days and i will be working during the weekends, so i think there wouldn't be any problems for now:)

Dearest boyfriend is working on a 10pm to 6am shift for 2 weeks or so and doing his OT in the afternoon, cos he hasn't settle his issue yet...sigh money is always a problem. But he is earning more money to give his family a better life so i shouldn't complain cos he need to do so for me in the future..hehe:P Jiayou Jiayou Baby!!! And its like another 10 more days!! Happy!=D

And i miss her SOOOOOOOO much =((((

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my first surprise=)

Yumyum =P

Finally a day out with baby. Met him at 10 and went to have breakfast, then took a train to city hall. Started his shopping..hahah:P Didn't see anything he like and anything he like I say no cos not nice..hahah:P Whatever I sat cannot he won't buy. Walked round MSQ and finally bought some clothes, then went to have our lunch. Walked to raffles city and had our desserts at Out of The Pan =D Was really full after eating, cos I ordered something big and i had a very full breakfast and lunch thats y. Went to bugis after that to continue shopping. Bought everything he need like finally cos my feet very tired already.And i think he is very happy...hahah:P Went to get my second surprise which i dun think i can get it this month, thank you baby.
Another one more month, tahan tahan tahan...=P And more surprises to come....=)

what we could have been, 10:22 AM.


Happy girl!
Sleepy Tofu!
4 sept 1990!

get one from cbox!
▪ Shopping!
▪ More nice dresses
▪ More nice tops and bottoms
▪ Driving License
▪ Earn more money
▪ Traveling
▪ New watch
▪ New shoes
▪ New bag
New handphone-SE Satio
New wallet
▪ New bag
Crocs pink slip ons
▪ Pretty case for my lappy
▪ Camera
▪ Unlimited supply of contact lens
Memorable B'day celebration this year
▪ Lots of dates with Baby!!
▪ Lots and lots of SURPRISES
▪ My love ones to be happy
▪ Be Happy!
▪ My dream to come true
▪ The One and Only
▪ Attachment to go well smoothly
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